Zombies are boring

I don’t care for Zombies. There I said it. I feel better now. My life can now continue as planned.

Today, in history, the 7th billionth person will be born. This little kiddo will most likely be born in India, although I suspect the real 7th billionth kiddo will actually born in an Occupy_(CITY) tent camp. Nah. Just kidding. The kid probably will be born in India. It’s a shame that we can’t track and figure out who it is because that kid would be financially set for life. Think of all of those New Year’s Babies and what they get? Now times that by 7 billion (yes, that’s how my mind works). Meanwhile, kiddo number 6.9 billion will probably beat the crudmuffins out of lucky number 7 and swipe the goods.

What does that have to do with Zombies? Well, here’s my open letter to kiddo number 7 billion:


Dear Kiddo Number 7,000,000,000:

I hope you have a healthy, happy, and great life. Please do not get caught up in the Zombie craze. Zombies are not interesting.

Thank you,

- Kiddo Number 2,600,329,600